Yeongdo Bridge Festival

비주얼 홍보

Yeongdo Bridge Bongnae-dong Wharf (1-ga, Daegyo-dong), 42, Bongnaenaru-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan
September (3 days)


Yeongdo Bridge Festival is a wonderful festival dedicated to Yeongdo Bridge which is a modern cultural heritage of Busan as well as a valuable historic structure that has gone through the joys and sorrows of time with Yeongdo citizens. It is the one and only bridge-themed festival in Korea and it is held every September to promote and shed a new light on the true value of Yeongdo Bridge which has been born again as a drawbridge in 47 years.
- Festival Content: performances, bridge lifting event, ocean parade, Yeongdo History Road, Yeongdo Tour, Yeongdo Citizens Parade and various participatory events