Achiseom Islet

비주얼 홍보

(Dongsam-dong) 727, Taejong-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan


Jodo Island or Achi Island is located at 1.8 km south of Yeongdo and it is where Korea Maritime and Ocean University is located at.
The island was originally a smaller island but it gradually expanded through land reclamation.
You can get on the intra-city bus, get off in front of the Shell Midden Museum at Dongsam-dong and walk on the 300 meter-trail that connects Yeongdo and Achi Island.
As you enter Achi Island, you will see two great ships Hanara and Hanbada which are training ships for the students of Korea Maritime and Ocean University.
You can tour inside these ships and those who enjoy fishing can also fish on the breakwaters nearby.