Jeoryeong Coastal Trail

비주얼 홍보

(4-ga, Yeongseon-dong) 52, Haeansanchaek-gil, Yeongdo-gu. Busan
Yeongdo District Hall/ 051-419-4064
Open year-round


Jeolyeong Coastal Trail is a 35-km-long trail that lies along the coast below Mt. Bongnaesan in the western part of Yeongdo.
This rugged and steep place was originally not accessible to the public because it was a military zone but the trail was opened to public in 2001.
It has one of the greatest views in Busan as you can find various attractions such as Jangseung (Korean totem poles), stone towers and a boating site along the trail.
You can not get bored walking on this trail because you will have the beautiful sea to your right and marvelous tiled walls of the houses standing on the cliff to your left.