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  • ‘Taejongdae Ocean Flying Theme Park’ Opened
It will be a new milestone for Yeongdo, offering a competitive edge in culture and tourism 

Equipped with experiential culture-spaces complex such as zip wires, media art, and cafes
Official operation in December after the opening ceremony on November 29 and pilot operations

Taejongdae Ocean Flying Theme Park, an experiential tourism facility where you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Taejongdae and the sound of fresh waves, will open on November 29. Taejongdae Ocean Flying Theme Park, which will be priming water for the revitalization of the stagnant Taejongdae tourism business, is a culture-facility complex equipped with zip wires, media art, and a view cafe, and is already expected to be a new landmark in Yeongdo District.
Yeongdo District purchased the land of Taejongdae Jungrisan Mountain, the vicinity of the former JayuLand parking lot of the Ministry of National Defense, Busan City, and built upper stop (55 Marine Healing Road, 1 basement floor, 4 above-ground floors, 646㎡ total floor area) and lower stop (55 836beon-gil Taejong-Ro, 3 above-ground floors with 1 basement floor, 744㎡ total floor area); the construction took one year and seven months. It is getting ready to welcome tourists: to operate it professionally and manage it efficiently, it selected private operators through open bidding for the operating permit in September.
First of all, at the upper stop, there is a view cafe where you can enjoy the view of the open sea; there are four zip lines spanning 653m from Mount Jungrisan~Gamji Beach~former JayuLand Parking Lot. At the lower stop, you can meet the zip wire arrival hall and media art where you can watch images implemented on LED screens based on digital media technology. 
In particular, Taejongdae Ocean Flying Theme Park, located on the Taejongdae Coastal Tourism Connection Road, tourists can enjoy beautiful natural scenery comfortably. The tourists visiting Taejongdae will be able to encounter thrilling experiences and cultural content together, breaking away from existing sightseeing tours. 
The user fee for zip wire is 30,000 won (single day, one pass); Media is art 10,000 won for adults, 8,000 won for youths, and 5,000 won for children; the residents of Yeongdo District receive a 30% discount.
Yeongdo Mayor of Gu said, "Taejongdae Ocean Flying Theme Park will be a new milestone for the tourism of Yeongdo, represented by Taejongdae." and "As a cultural facility complex with contents linking culture and tourism, I hope you can get out of your tired daily life for a while and fully enjoy differentiated memories and pleasures that you cannot experience in existing tourist facilities." 
Meanwhile, Taejongdae Ocean Flying Theme Park will hold an opening ceremony at its lower stop on November 29 and will officially begin operation in December after supplementing improvements in operating services YEONGDO NEWS December 12, 2023 / No. 181
  • "Coffee, Awakens Yeongdo"
Global Yeongdo Coffee Festival 2023 Held
November 3-5 at Amir Park
Six Foreign Countries, 40 Participants: 150 Foreign·Domestic Booths
Yongdo's late-autumn atmosphere is heated up to the fullest with the news of another festival. The 'Global Yeongdo Coffee Festival 2023', filled with the scent of coffee, will be held at Amir Park, vicinity of the Marine Museum in Dongsam-dong, for three days from November 3 to 5.

In recent years, Yongdo's local roastery cafes have been rapidly emerging as hot places for young people, with a unique view, the ocean view that can be enjoyed from the city center, a sophisticated atmosphere, and a high-quality coffee taste.   

As this change has created a form of tourism called the "Yeongdo Cafe Tour" among young people, naturally, the name "Coffee Treasure Island" is no longer strange. Furthermore, the festival, which began to create not only the coffee center of Busan but also the coffee city in Korea, marks its fourth anniversary this year. 
The "Global Yeongdo Coffee Festival 2023" will be participated by six foreign countries, about 40 people, and run 150 booths, domestic and foreign. You can experience the joy of comparing and tasting world coffee, domestic coffee, and coffee promotion centers of different countries. 

The visitors can taste the coffee, free of charge, using the reusable cups handed out at the entrance of the festival, at the theme village, special village, global village, and sweet village, of the promotion centers: coffee and desserts are also sold on-site. 

The festival will be held in a tournament format, YCC (Yeongdo pentagon Cup tasting Championship), a coffee cupping competition that was very well received last year, under the auspices of the Korea Coffee Association on site. It will also offer various unusual seminars by domestic and foreign coffee experts such as latte art by the Japanese participant, Yoong (Hand Drip) drip, Ethiopia coffee story, etc. 

At the Healing Village, which will be created with the concept of camping within the venue, two mini-concerts will be held a day, where you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee pretending to be at a campsite while enjoying the beautiful autumn breeze of Yeongdo.

Inside the indoor circular dome, there will be a photo zone of an indoor garden concept where you can experience coffee trees of various ages and take pictures; various photo spots will be available at the festival entrance and throughout the venue.

In addition, various hands-on events such as green bean roasting, hand-drip experience, cupping, and coffee quiz shows will be available on-site. For family visitors, children's hands-on experience programs such as making coffee soap and coffee key rings will also be run.

The Color and Drip (Color Healing Cafe), a coffee festival-linked event, will be held at the 'Blueport 2021', a Yeongdo-Gu coffee complex culture space on Coffee theme street. The Color & Drip is a coffee-matching event that matches the propensity of each color through individual personal color and color therapy and is held as a talent-donation event by color experts to help the vulnerable.

Meanwhile, Yongdo Mayor of Gu emphasized: "This year's festival will be the foundation for Yeongdo to become the mecca of Busan's coffee industry, the center of Korea's coffee industry, and the hub of international coffee business and logistics." and "It will also be a place to establish itself as the largest coffee festival in Bu·Ul·and Gyeong and confirm the possibility of growing into a nationwide festival." YEONGDO NEWS November 11, 2023/ No. 180
  • “Yesterday Meets Today”
 Leads to the 31st Yeongdo Bridge Festival! 
From October 13 to 15, at Amir Park & vicinity of Yeongdo Bridge
Yeongdo-Gu's representative festival, armed with richer programs this year 
Shuttle Bus Operation for Tourist Convenience, 
2 45-seater (Nampo Station ↔ Amir Park)
‘The 31st Yeongdo Bridge Festival', the representative festival of the Yeongdo District, will be held from October 13 to 15 at Amir Park (next to the National Maritime Museum in Dongsam-dong) and the vicinity of Yeongdo Bridge under the theme of "Yesterday Meets Today."
In line with the face-to-face event, this festival offers a variety of programs that can be enjoyed by both locals and tourists than last year to showcase the true nature of the Culture and Tourism Festival. In addition, the 31st Yeongdo Bridge Festival, with keywords such as eco-friendly and low carbon and without printed leaflets, planned a tourism festival that practices ESG using eco-friendly biodegradable containers. First of all, during the daytime of October 13, the first day, 「Yeongdo Bridge Festival Painting Contest」 will be held for elementary school students in Busan to draw various fun memories related to Yeongdo Bridge and Yeongdo Bridge Festival; it will be followed by the opening ceremony and a spectacular maritime fireworks show with celebratory performances by guest singers, Hong Kyeong-min and Ko Hyon-ju. 
On the 14th, the second day, the following programs will be run: ▲ 「It's Youngdo Bridge!」, a game of rock-scissors-paper played with legs by residents together with visitors ▲ 「Dogae Performance」timed with lifting (Dogae) of Yeongdo ridge (held on Yeongdo Bridge/Army band ‧ Pungmul (Korean musical instruments) performance ▲ 「Local star in Yeongdo」, the stage for artists in Yeongdo ▲ 「Yeongdo Bridge Training Center」 with Choi Tae-seong, Korea's star lecturer ▲ 「Yeongdo Cinema」 (the movie 'Coco'), where you can enjoy the emotion of family movies along with the cool autumn breeze.
On the 15th, the last day and the highlights of the festival, the following events will be held: ▲ 「Yeongdo Fishing Contest with Dongsam Fishing Village Fraternities」 held at Hari Port in Yeongdo ▲ 「Challenge! Yeongdo Golden Bell」: a quiz contest on Yeongdo and Yeongdo Bridge and the winner will be awarded the prize money ▲ 「The Bridge of Meeting」 a new reinterpretation of the meeting on Yeongdo Bridge at old-time ▲ 「King of Yeongdo Trot Songs」 which selects the national King of trot songs and this will be followed by a closing ceremony and a celebratory performance of the guest singer (Song Ga-in).

YEONGDO NEWS October 10, 2023 / No. 167
  • "Culture City, Riding The Wind To The Waves"
2023 Culture City Fair & International Conference Held
Will be held from September 7 to 10 at the site of Mulyangjang (Lighters Wharf) in Bongrae-dong 
Participated by 24 Culture Cities local governments and ordinary citizens
The officials from 24 Culture Cities local governments across the country will gather at the site of Mulyangjang (Lighters Wharf) for four days from September 7 (Thur) to 10 (Sun).
<The 2023 Culture City Fair & International Conference (hereinafter referred to as the Fair)> is hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Busan Metropolitan City, and the National Culture Cities Council, and organized by Yeongdo District, Yeongdo Culture City Center, and Regional Culture Promotion Agency; It will be divided into exhibitions and international conferences..
Under the subtitle "Culture City, Riding the Wind to the Wave", the event will be attended by 24 Legal Culture Cities across the country, 600 domestic and foreign officials, and ordinary citizens to share the results of Culture City Projects and derive future strategies related to urban development through culture.
On September 8 (Fri), during the opening ceremony, 40 residents of Yeongdo will give an opening performance prepared through a civic workshop, and  Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Distinguished Service Commendations; Project Luminary, Leenalchi and Bosudong Cooler will give celebratory performances. 
The international conferences are participated by a total of 22 domestic and foreign officials and divided into four sessions: ▲Culture city, creates a real power of culture ▲Culture city, creates a city brand ▲Culture city, fosters creative industries ▲Culture city, responds to local extinction. Noda Kunihiro (Professor of Regional Culture at Tottori University) who designed Japanese Creative City Culture, Ed Washington (Director of Global Diversity & Inclusion Office of Portland State University) regarding Portlands regional innovation cases, and Lee Jung-hee (Dean of Department of Social Welfare of Portland State University) will give presentations.
On September 9 (Sat) and 10 (Sun), a talk show will be held by Na Young-hoon, head of POSCO's corporate citizens office, Kwon Myung-hwan, a psychiatrist from Haedong Hospital, Yoo Hyun-joon, an architect, and Jeon Young-soo, a professor at Hanynag University to talk about the role of culture that is essential for citizens' lives. 
During the four days of the fair, the Culture City Promotion Hall and Yeongdo Culture City Special Hall will be held at the Wonji Lounge in Mulyangjang (Lighters Wharf); a showcase booth and buskings of 100 teams of local-culture personals, and civic hands-on experience programs will be held. In addition, the Yeongdo Culture City fam tour, which meets with Pachinco, and the Yeongdo local brand convenience stores will also be held.
Yeongdo Mayor of Gu said: "The culture-city fair and international conference in Yeongdo will serve as an opportunity to enhance the status of Yeongdo-Gu as a culture city." and "We hope that 24 cities will gather to discuss in-depth the role of culture for urban development so that all cities can become special for their cultures."
Meanwhile, Yeongdo District, the first Legal Culture City designated by the Regional Culture Promotion Act, was selected as the chair city of the National Culture Cities Council in 2023. Anyone, including local governments, local-culture officials, and ordinary citizens, can participate in this event, and particular details can be found on the Yeongdo Culture-City Center and the Regional Culture Promotion Agency website. YEONGDO NEWS September 9, 2023 / No. 178
  • Ironmen who melt the summer heat are coming to Yeongdo!
Exciting ‘Triathlon’ competition unfolds at Heavenly Views Yeongdo
To be held in Amir Park and along the sea route, August 5 to 6
Between the three-way intersection in front of P.Ark ~ Korea Maritime & Ocean University entrance, about 1.7km section, will be closed off to traffic, between 6:40 a.m. of the 5th(Sat) & 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. of the 6th(Sun)
Citizens Participation Concert (Ailee, Burning Soda, SoonSoonHee, Joosiq, Team H) at 7:00 p.m. at Amir Park special stage on the 5th

From August 5 to 6, the ‘WT Yeongdo World Triathlon World Cup 2023’ competition, challenging the limits of the bodies and minds, will be held against the backdrop of beautiful coastal scenery.
The World Triathlon World Cup is an international competition in which male and female elite athletes, within the 65th place in the world ranking, swim, cycle, and run in succession; it is going to be broadcast live on the Internet in 140 countries around the world.
Triathlon is a combined word of tri, which means three, and athlon, which means competition, and is notorious for being the most demanading sport. It is also called the Ironman triathlon because it is a race that is conducted in succession with no rest in between.
The competition will start with an elite sprint (swimming 750m, cycling 20km, running 5km) competition at 7:00 a.m. on the 5th at Amir Park, the National Maritime Museum, and the neighboring sea route; This will be followed by a club sprint competition (same as the elite course) at 6:00 a.m. on the 6th and the standard distance competition (swimming 1.5km, cycling 40km, running 10km). 
In addition, a citizens participation concert (Ailee, Burning Soda, SoonSoonHee, Joosiq, Team H) will be held at 7:00 p.m. on the 5th at the special stage of Amir Park to commemorate the hosting of the Yongdo World Triathlon World Cup and also wishing to host the Busan World Expo 2030; it is expected to be a festival venue not only for the participating teams but also for everyone. 
Traffic is controlled for the smooth running of the two days of the competitions.
Starting from the three-way intersection in front of P.Ark to the entrance to Korea Maritime & Ocean University entrance, about 1.7Km section, will be closed off to traffic, between 6:40 a.m. and 10:10 a.m. on the 5th and between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on the 6th. 
Accordingly, vehicle traffic must detour toward Taejongdae via the Dongsam three-way intersection and the three-way intersection in front of Dongsam Church; police and safety personnel will be deployed at the control points and major intersections to help vehicles flow smoothly and minimize inconvenience to residents.
Yeongdo Mayor of Gu said “Through the competition, we will promote Yeongdo, which has a heavenly blessed natural environment, as a mecca for marine leisure․cultural tourism to the world, and expect it will serve as a good opportunity to leap forward as an international sports city.” and “It will also be a meaningful event that contributes to our efforts to host the Busan World Expo.”
YEONGDO NEWS August 8, 2023 / No. 177
  • Come to Amir Park. Beat the heat this summer!
『Yeongdo Summer Ocean Festival 2023』
International Maritime Film Festival 2023, only in Yeongdo (7.21∼7.23)
Returning Children's Water Park (7.15∼7.28)
Marine leisure hands-on experience class crisscrossing cool sea (7.22∼7.23)
Food trucks with Trashe Catching Trash Busters (7.21~7.23) 

Yeongdo District will hold the “Yeongdo Summer Ocean Festival 2023” to beat the heat this summer at Amir Park.
First, the “International Maritime Film Festival 2023” will be held for the first time in Yeongdo from July 21 to July 23. You can watch the main entries of the San Francisco International Maritime Film Festival, which are only released at the International Maritime Film Festival, and about 28 maritime films of various genres from 10 countries for free.
In addition, various side events such as hands-on experience events, conversations with directors, and lectures by and talks with experts are prepared during the festival period.
Second, the "children's water park", which was closed for 3 years from 2020 to 2022 due to the spread of Covid-19, will be open for 14 days from July 15 to July 28.
The water park will be open in the morning and afternoon to 200 children of elementary school age or younger; a reservation on the Yeongdo Gu Hall website is required and admission is free. 
Operating hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm every day, with a 15-minute break after 45 minutes of operation; four swimming pools and one water slide for children, and auxiliary convenience facilities such as shower rooms and changing rooms will be provided. 
Third, the “Marine leisure hands-on experience class” will be held at Archinaru (a Mooring) in Korea Maritime & Ocean University from July 22 to July 23 for residents who lacked opportunities to experience marine leisure in Yeongdo. 
You can enjoy marine leisure hands-on experiences such as yachts and SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards), jet boats, etc. that cut through the cool water to beat the heat for free.
Reservations, starting from 09:00 two weeks before the experience date, can be made through the Korea Marine Content Development Co., Ltd.; to ensure the residents get equal opportunities, we plan to limit the number of experiences per person to one time. 
Last, “Food Trucks”, with Trash Busters to catch garbage, will be operated from July 21 to July 23 to provide food that is indispensable to the festival. To hold an eco-friendly festival, we plan to operate food trucks serving multi-use beverage containers for the first time this year and reduce the use of disposable products.
Yeongdo Mayor of Gu said: “Through the 'Yeongdo Summer Ocean Festival 2023', the first urban marine festival to be held this year, we hope that residents will enjoy a cool summer this year, and we will try harder to discover new contents that can attract tourists from other parts of Korea to boost the local economy and enhance tourism competitiveness.”
YEONGDO NEWS July 7, 2023 / No. 176
  • We will create a traffic environment that puts children first!
Overall improvements of the Children's Safety Zone in the District
A joint countermeasure meeting with six related organizations was held, and parental requests were actively reflected.
24m vehicle protection fence and two speed humps were installed first
Illegal-parking-CCTV-installation scheduled to be completed at the end of July

On April 28th, an unfortunate accident occurred in a Children's Safety Zone in the District. Above all, Yeongdo District is devising measures to fundamentally solve the problem by accurately identifying the cause of the accident so that such an accident does not happen again.
First of all, on May 3, the 「Joint Countermeasures Meeting with Relevant Agencies Related to School Commute Road Accidents」 was held. The meeting, which was presided over by the Yeongdo Mayor of Gu, was attended by six related organizations including Gu Hall, police, schools, Western Office of Education, Road Traffic Authority, and Yeongdo-Gu Mental Health Welfare Center to devise countermeasures to prevent the recurrence of safety accidents in the Children's Safety Zone. 
At this meeting, we discussed various measures that actively reflected parental demands such as ▲The request for manpower for safe school commuting roads ▲Installation of speed humps ▲Pedestrian crossing stop line and traffic lights locations alignment ▲Safety fence repair ▲Installation of traffic light acoustic detection facility ▲Request to relocate the Fishing-Net factory in the accident-prone area ▲Installation of parking violation CCTV ▲Operation-time restriction of large trucks in school zones ▲One-way road designation on the road leading to Ilshin Marina, etc.
Accordingly, Yeongdo District has devised three measures to create safe commuting routes ▲Maintenance of traffic safety facilities ▲Maintenance of roadside pileups on the road to school ▲Psychological recovery, and counseling support. 

◆Maintenance of traffic safety facilities
First, the tubular road markers installation (100m section) was completed on the past 4th day of this month. After consultations with residents, we plan to install them in the remaining sections. In addition to special crackdowns on illegal parking during school hours, banners will be posted to promote the prohibition and crackdown on illegal parking in the 57 Children's Safety Zones in the district (5 zones near Cheongdong Elementary Schools, 52 zones near 13 Elementary Schools). By doing so, it is our policy to root out  illegal parking & stop, and induce law-abiding driving through awareness raising.
On the 17th, the installation of a 24m-long vehicle protection fence was completed, with a budget of 24 million won, on the pedestrian path in the Children's Safety Zone in front of Cheongdong Elementary School. The fence is capable of withstanding a collision with a 14-ton truck at 80 km/h; it is rated at 5 out of 1~9 rating system; safety strength is prescribed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport through actual crash tests. Yeongdo District plans to sequentially repair safety fences in Children's Safety Zones near 14 elementary schools, starting with the fence section of Cheongdong Elementary School. Then, on the 19th, the installation of two speed humps was completed. In the section between Jabi Kindergarten and Cheonghak Heights Villa. We plan to complete the installation of protective fences for vehicles by the end of June, and the CCTVs for illegal parking enforcement will also be installed and completed by the end of July.
By the end of September, we plan to complete the installation of raised pedestrian crosswalks, runway-type pedestrian crosswalks, audio signals, and speed displays.   

◆Maintenance of roadside pileups on the road to school 
Since May 3, we are making efforts on enhancing the safety measures for roadside pileups on the road to school and establishing a prompt cooperation system. We are making efforts to ensure safety on commuting routes: first, the roadside pileups maintenance and sidewalk maintenance (12 cases) works are being carried out and intensive policing teams are being implemented to control the roadside pileups on the road to school. 
In addition, based on the additional demand surveyed, according to the results of the Western Office of Education's demand for additional personnel on school commute routes in the district, it is additionally placed in Cheongdong Elementary School first; we are also discussing gradually expanding deployment. 

◆Psychological recovery and counseling support
It also focuses on wound healing for psychological recovery support.
The Western Office of Education is providing customized support according to the degree of trauma based on the psychological test conducted on the students of Cheongdong Elementary School on the past May 2. The Yeongdo-Gu Mental Health Welfare Center decided to support a psychological counseling program for teachers‧parents together with the Wee Center of the Western Office of Education.

Meanwhile, The ‘Children’s Safety Zone’ is the main school roads within a 300m radius from the main entrances of elementary schools and kindergartens, and parking·stopping of vehicles is absolutely prohibited.
Fine for illegal parking in the Children's Safety Zone is subject to a fine of 120,000 won for passenger cars and 130,000 won for vans,  from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, which is three times that of the general area.
YEONGDO NEWS June 6, 2023 / No. 175
  • Yeongdo! Development of a Marine Leisure Tourism City
Full-scale implementation of marine leisure tourism vitalization project
Running of 『Yeongdo Maritime Culture Hands-On Experience Classes』

Offered twice a day, 13:00 and 15:00, on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from May to October
Jet boating and fishing experience with family, friends, and lovers
Archinaru (a mooring) in Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Reservation site (
From May, ‘Yeongdo Maritime Culture Hands-On Experience Classes’ will be offered in earnest in Archinaru (a Mooring) and nearby waters within Korea Maritime and Ocean University.
The 'Yeongdo Maritime Culture Hands-On Experience Classes', sponsored by Yeongdo District and run by Korea Marine Content Development Co., Ltd., is a part of the Busan Metropolitan City’s project to provide maritime cultural experiences to residents in areas without water recreation facilities. It is the result of the 『Regional Specialized Marine Leports Fostering Project』.
It consists of various marine contents such as Busan Port Jet Boat (Busan Port - Archi Island’s picturesque scenery - Oryukdo Island), water safety education, marine culture lecture, marine ecology education, fishing experience, etc.; the experience programs are offered for free.
It is offered on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, and twice a day, the first session starts at 13:00 and the second at 15:00, each lasting 90 minutes. 
Reservations can be made at, the Korea Marine Content Development, from 09:00, two weeks before the experience date; currently, internet reservations are accepted for early May.
In addition, to ensure that residents can use it evenly, it is limited to one time per person.
In the future, Yeongdo District plans marine healing programs using marine resources (parks, coasts, etc.), marine leisure sports experience programs using water leisure equipment, and yacht experience events. We plan to continuously build marine tourism infrastructure.
Yeongdo Mayor of Gu said, "Yeongdo is a place blessed with natural marine tourism resources, so we will continue to discover new marine leisure contents and make more efforts to revitalize marine leisure tourism so that residents can experience various marine leisure sports." YEONGDO NEWS May 5, 2023 / No. 174
  • Yeongdo-Gu cheers on the bid to host the World Expo Busan 2030!
Promotion of 14 projects in 3 fields
Held publicity and participation events for residents, such as cheering relay, Yeongdo Galmaetgil walk, Huinyeoul busking performance, etc.

From April 2 to 7, when the due diligence team of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) visits Busan, various events will be held throughout the city to actively inform the due diligence team of the Busan citizens' willingness and enthusiasm for hosting the World EXPO.
The world EXPO (a Registered Exhibition) is one of the three major international events along with the Olympics and World Cup. In particular, if Busan's bid is successful, Korea will be the 12th country in the world to host the Registered Exhibition and the seventh country in the world to host all three mega-events: the world EXPO, Olympics, and World Cup.
Accordingly, Yeongdo District and related organizations within the jurisdiction are conducting a relay campaign to create a boom-up to bid to host the world EXPO, and are gathering support to host the World EXPO Busan 2030.
11 Dongs in the jurisdiction are making every effort to create a sophisticated and dignified city image of Busan. Spring Flower Planting works, including large-scale environmental maintenance activities, are being carried out to welcome the due diligence team: eight places including the lower part of the Busan Port Grand Bridge and seven medians, etc. 
In addition, world EXPO sculptures were installed and publicity materials were posted to major tourist attractions (Yeongdo Marino Auto Camping Ground, Huinyeoul Culture Village, etc.) and streets in the city so that the due diligence team and residents could develop familiarity with the World EXPO 2030.
In particular, we further heightened the bid-to-host aspirational atmosphere through various festivals and events.
Through various events such as the national singing contest, Yeongdo-Gu at Amir Park on March 25, Guryong Village Festival on April 1, Yeongdo Galmaetgil Walk and Huinyeoul Busking Performance on April 6, etc., the need to host World EXPO Busan 2030 will be promoted and voluntary participation by residents will be encouraged. 
On April 4, around 500 residents of Busan will welcome the BIE due diligence team near the Busan Grand Bridge and Namhang Grand Bridge, and on the 8th, a gala concert will be held at Bongrae Hall of the Yeongdo Culture and Arts Center with a commentary on the successful hosting of the World Expo Busan 2030. You can see the performance of the United Korean Orchestra for free.
Meanwhile, Yeongdo Mayor of Gu said “The hosting of World EXPO Busan 2030 is a national project for future generations that will enhance Korea’s national status and secure balanced national development and new growth engines.” and requested “I urge all residents to unite their capabilities to inform the 2030 World EXPO due diligence team of Yeongdo and show off the charm of Busan.” YEONGDO NEWS April 4, 2023 / No. 173
  • 「KBS National Singing Contest Yeongdo-gu, Busan Edition」 will be held
Will be held for the first time in 11 years
An opportunity to promote Yeongdo and spread enthusiasm for the bid to host World Expo Busan 2030
Held from 2 P.M. on March 25 on a special stage at Amir Park
Application for participation starts from March 6 to 17 
Apply in person at each community center and culture and tourism office of each dong or by email

The KBS National Singing Contest <Yeongdo-Gu, Busan Edition> will be held on a special stage in Amir Park in Dongsam-dong from 2 P.M. on March 25 (Sat).
The KBS1TV's National Singing Contest, a long-running entertainment program in Korea, is the originator of a public participatory type audition program that has kept every Sunday unchanged for 42 years. This event, held for the first time in 11 years since 2012, was prepared to promote tourism and the vitality of the local economy in Yeongdo District.
Applications for participation can be submitted by visiting the Community Center of each dong or the Culture and Tourism Department of Yeongdo Gu Hall from March 6 (Mon) to 18:00 of March 17 (Fri), or by e-mail ( 
In addition, anyone with connections to Yeongdo-Gu, such as residents, businesses located in, office workers, and students, excluding professional singers, can participate.
The preliminary screening will be held at 1:00 PM, on March 23 (Thu) at the Yeongdo Culture and Arts Center for the first 300 people (teams) recruited during the period, and the final 15 teams will perform on the stage at Amir Park on March 25 (Sat). This public recording is scheduled to air in April. YEONGDO NEWS March 3, 2023 / No. 172
  • The Year of the Black Rabbit!
What policies have been changed?

◆ Expanded parental benefits
Parental benefits are paid to families raising children aged 0 and 1, regardless of parents' income and property. 700,000 won per month for every 0-year-old child and 350,000 won per month for every 1-year-old child are deposited into the bank account on the 25th day of each month.
In the case of using facilities such as daycare centers, the parental benefits become the differences between the benefits and subsidies. For example, parents of a 0-year-old child (childcare fee of 500,000 won per month) using a daycare center, will receive 200,000 won (700,000 won minus  childcare fee of 500,000 won). In addition to the parental benefits, the child allowance of 100,000 won per month paid to children aged 0 to 8 will be paid as before.
In particular, Yeongdo District pays a childbirth subsidy of five million won to all children born after January 1; the subsidy used to be differentiated by birth order. In addition, the payment method of childbirth subsidy, which was paid in a lump sum, has been changed to installment payments: one million won is paid when a birth is registered, and one million won is paid each year in installments over four years.
◆ Home loans and interest support for Newlyweds
Home loans and loan interest supports will be provided to Busan couples with no homes, to be married within the next three months or married for less than seven years with a combined income of less than 800,000 won per year. The target housing is a house with a deposit of less than 300 million won or a residential officetel, and the maximum loan amount is 200 million won. You only have to pay 2% interest. The support period is two years, and once a couple has a newborn child, the support period is extended by two years for each child up to a maximum of ten years.

◆ Maternal and newborn health management
Previously, only Busan residents who have lived in Busan for six months or more were eligible for support for maternal and newborn health care projects, but starting this year, the residency period condition was abolished, so all residents registered in Busan can enjoy the benefits.

◆ Expanded supports for the four insurance premiums paid by employers
Supports for four major insurance premiums will be expanded for workers in small and medium-sized businesses (manufacturing industries) in Busan with fewer than five full-time workers. The four major insurance premiums of 300,000 won per year per person for up to four workers will be supported, reducing the burden on employers and enabling workers to work stably. The Busan-type living wage system is implemented at an hourly wage of 11,074 won, a 1.9% increase from the previous year.

◆ Minimum wage 9,620 won per hour
This year’s minimum wage is 9,620 won per hour, up 460 won (5%) from last year's 9,160 won. The hourly wage including gas allowance is 11,544 won. When converted into a monthly salary, it becomes 2,010,580 won, exceeding the two million won per month mark for the first time. 

◆ Unifying the age system (Maan) 
Starting June 28, the age calculation method will be unified under the regular system (Maan), making one age up to 2 years younger depending on the date of birth. Mann age unification was promoted to resolve social and administrative confusion and disputes caused by the Korean-style age calculation method, which adds one year upon birth. It can be expressed as the number of months before one full year after birth.

◆ Expiration date indication system
The expiration date indicates the permitted period for distribution and sale from the date of manufacture, but in many cases, it is misunderstood as the actual use-by date forcing the consumers to discard the goods early. Starting this year, to prevent consumer confusion and reduce food waste, the use-by date will be marked so that consumers can consume safely. However, a one-year grace period will be observed to help manufacturers exhaust their stock of packaging materials on hand, so the two marks may appear together for the time being.
YEONGDO NEWS February 2, 2023 / No. 171
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Expansion of childbirth support funds to 5 million won for all children born in the district
Application through the administrative welfare center or Bokjiro site, etc. 

In relation to the payment of greater amounts of childbirth support funds, which is a pledge by the 8th popular election, 5 million won in childbirth support funds will be paid to children born after January 1, 2023.
Previously, the Yeongdo District childbirth support funds were paid differently, KRW 600,000 for the first and second child and KRW 2.4 million for the third child and after. From 2023, the difference will be eliminated and 5 million won will be paid for all births.
In addition, childbirth support funds, which were paid in a lump sum, were changed to installment payments. Thus, 1 million won is paid at the time of birth registration, and 1 million won is paid annually thereafter over 4 years.
During the installment payment period, the child's father or mother and the child must continue to maintain resident registration in Yeongdo District in order to receive childbirth support funds. Application for childbirth support funds can be made through the administrative welfare center of the jurisdictional district or Bokjiro site.
The Mayor of Yeongdo District said, “We will do our best to ease the financial burden on families with children through the expansion of childbirth support funds and create a childbirth and childrearing-friendly environment.”
YEONGDO NEWS January 1, 2023 / No. 170