Young Gaby means Yeongdo + Jogaby (‘shell’)

Character: Young Gaby (designated on September 28, 1999)

The character is a cute, young child from the Stone Age with shells on his head. The shells represent the shell midden discovered in Yeongdo and Yeongdo’s rich historical background and, the word Young represents Yeongdo’s energetic, youthful energy.


1999 Yeongdo Character

The Meaning behind the Name, Young Gaby

Original Meaning : Yeongdo + Jogaby (shell)


  • YOUNG : Abbreviation of Yeongdo. Young can mean youthfulness, pure, clean, friendly, limitless possibilities, hope and future-oriented mindset
  • GABY :Abbreviation of Jogaby which is the Korean word for shells and also the key artifacts discovered in Yeongdo’s historic and cultural sites.

The Character of Young Gaby

The past (shell midden, Jogaby) and futuristic (Young, youthfulness) elements coexist in Young Gaby. Young Gaby has a cute, friendly and kind character.

The Gender of Young Gaby

Young Gaby looks gender neutral but can be represented as either male or female depending on how you pronounce the name Young Gaby. Young Gaby is a biologically young organism (young primitive child = personification of clam) and the gender is not defined.

Use of the Character Image

  • Holding a megaphone

    Holding a megaphone

  • Running


  • Holding a sign

    Holding a sign

  • Fishing ritual

    Fishing ritual

  • Cleaning


  • Guiding


  • Greeting


  • Smelling a flower

    Smelling a flower

  • Sitting on a shell midden

    Sitting on a shell midden

  •  On a construction site working 1

    On a construction site working 1

  • On a construction site working 2

    On a construction site working 2

  • Information


  • 윈드서핑타는 모습

    Wind surfing

  • With a sea gull

    With a sea gull

  • Jumping