District Mark (revised on Oct 16, 2004)

District Mark
The mark symbolizes marine tour city, hope and vision.

Yeongdo’s beautiful nature is depicted in an ink painting.

The two arches represent the two islands that make up Yeongdo and the two bridges that connect Yeongdo to the mainland.

The mark also symbolizes Yeongdo’s hope and vision to become a marine tour city.

The blue background represents environment-friendly city of Yeongdo and dynamic, marine tour city.

District Flower: Camellia Flower (designated on July 11, 1990)

District Flower
The flower of love, fortune and prosperity.

The red camellia flower which blooms earlier than other flowers in early spring symbolizes passionate love and the flower petals that fall off so elegantly represent fortune because it is said that they chase off diseases and misfortune. The flowers also represent fertility because they are known to produce a lot of fruits.

District Tree: Black Pine Tree (Gomsol) (designated on July 11, 1990)

District Tree
The symbol of bravery and strong vitality.

Black pine trees can withstand the strong ocean winds and they represent bravery, strong integrity and the willpower to overcome any difficulties.

District Bird: Sea Gull (designated on July 11, 1990)

District Bird
The bird represents cooperation and hope for the people of the sea

Sea gulls are elegant masters of flying and they fit the image of the waves and port. They are cooperative birds that stay in groups.

Sea gulls also give hope to people who have come home from a long voyage.