Cheol-hoon Kim. Mayor of Yeongdo-gu, Busan Metropolitan City

Welcome, people of Yeongdo-gu and everyone visiting Yeongdo-gu.
I am Cheol-hoon Kim, the mayor of Yeongdo-gu.

Yeongdo-gu, a historical city that holds the titles of being the city to have Korea’s first modern shipyard, Korea’s first draw bridge, Korea’s first sweet potato plantation, the finest horse breed called Jeoryeongma and Taejongdae which has been designated as the National Scenic Site No. 17, is preparing for new dreams and changes.

Following the will of the people of Yeongdo-gu who desire changes and innovation, we will strive to make Yeongdo-gu a vibrant city filled with dreams, empathy and happiness.

Yeongdo, A City with a New and Brighter Century!

Our goal is to make Yeongdo-gu
An energetic city through the ‘Economy-Based Urban Regeneration Project’,
A cultural city filled with arts and cultural events all throughout the year,
A healing city where people and the nature harmoniously coexist,
A marine tourist city with a variety of attractions and
A happy welfare city where everyone including children to seniors citizens are all happy.

We will listen to even the smallest opinions and suggestions you give us and take them into account in carrying out the policies.
There is a saying that “A path you tread alone is a just road but a path we take together becomes a history.”
We will always be alongside you, look towards the same direction and work to make Yeongdo a happy city with better and brighter tomorrows.

Thank you.

Cheol-hoon Kim
Mayor of Yeongdo-gu, Busan Metropolitan City