I am Cheolhun Kim, Mayor of Yeongdo-gu,
a people-centric and hospitable city district.

Welcome to Yeongdo-gu,
a tourist destination of maritime culture where people and nature live in harmony!

Youngdo Ward is a time-honored city district of history and culture that is home to Taejongdae, the government-designated scenic spot, and Dongsam-dong Shell Midden, a historic site from the Neolithic Age, and it is also a tourist destination of maritime culture where Yeongdo Bridge, Korea's first drawbridge, offers things to see for tourists every day and various tourist attractions are located along the coastal road, which include KANGKANGEE Arts Village, Huinyeoul Culture Village, Jeolyeong Coastal Trail and the Korea National Maritime Museum.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the 7th popularly elected Mayor, Yeongdo-gu Office will continue to work to explore and develop exclusive natural resources of Yeongdo and achieve administrative innovation focusing on people's needs, enabling residents to experience changes, with the goal of building "an innovative city district of effective administration based on open communication," "a welfare city district caring for people from infancy to 100 years-old," "a tourist city district of maritime culture upgrading life standards," "a leading city district in urban regeneration rebuilding spaces" and "a job-creating city district of the advanced maritime industry," which will lead to the establishment of "people-centric, hospitable Yeongdo."

Your feedback and opinion will serve as the great facilitator for the development of Yeongdo. I would like to ask for your unwavering support and interest.
Thank you.

Cheolhun Kim
Mayor of Yeongdo-gu of Busan Metropolitan City Cheolhun Kim